Kingsmist Field Spaniels.


The Field Spaniel 

The Field Spaniel has the reputation of being the Spaniel with the best scenting abilities. His great length of muzzle and wide open nostrils are believed to enhance the olfactory gland. He is a very distinguished Englishman with a loyal and devoted nature. He is required to be "unusually docile" and this is true, he is quite laid back. He is a medium sized spaniel (approximately 18"), developed to fill the role between the English Cocker and the English Springer spaniels. He is heavy set reaching up to 60 pounds and quite at home in the thickest of cover. He is a true gundog with a yearning for hunting and eager to please. If they have a downfall it is that they bond extremely well and can be noisy if not accustomed to being left alone.

They have an easy care coat requiring weekly brushing and it is dense enough to repel water. They need little trimming but do need to have their ear canals kept clean of excess hair along with the trimming of feet. This also helps during the season of grass seeds, and feet should be cleaned weekly of seeds so as not to cause problems (this also applies to Welsh Springer Spaniels.). The predominant colour is liver but they also come in black, roan and any of these with tan markings. White is permissible on the chest.

Fields are very versatile Spaniels, working as hearing dogs for the deaf, assistance dogs, therapy dogs, gundogs, family companions and of course they excel in obedience, tracking, agility and endurance. Our biggest problem lies in the fact that we are a little known breed, many people not wanting to give the unknown a try.